here comes a time when you’re dealing with a plumbing issue and you decide, maybe I can DIY it! DIY plumbing has steadily gained momentum. There are many videos and articles that give you hacks on being able to solve plumbing issues on your own, but are you really solving them? Is DIY plumbing really worth it, and for how long? Let’s explore.

Safety Concerns

Some plumbing jobs may result in having to use tools or other equipment you’re not familiar with. For example, using a chemical drain cleaner may help dissolve certain clogs. However, chemical drain cleaners usually contain corrosive or acidic base ingredients, which can mean big trouble if they get on your skin. If you’re not in-the-know about plumbing, DIY plumbing shouldn’t be a route you pick.


You could spend all day trying to fix what could be a simple plumbing problem and not even manage to get to the right solution. Plumbing can be incredibly time-consuming, especially if you’re reading articles and watching videos about a certain plumbing process. By calling a plumber, you save yourself the time of trying to decipher a plumbing technique.

Proper Tools May Be Needed

There is some equipment made available to licensed plumbers that is not available to someone who isn’t a plumber. This means that for some plumbing fixes, you may not have the necessary equipment. This can mean further damages and a waste of money for you. It is better to go with a plumber who can have all the right tools needed to make sure your plumbing problem becomes a thing of the past.

Not All Problems May Be Fixed

You may end up unclogging a drain, but never notice there is a problem with your sewer line. You may patch up a leak, but fail to address the bigger leak happening in your kitchen sink. Temporary solutions may end up costing you more in expenses because the bigger problem wasn’t handled, or you thought you’d addressed the problem but only used a solution that could last a couple days. Going with a plumbing professional ensures you get thorough and long-lasting solutions.

Not Enough Knowledge on the Subject

Watching a video or reading an article may bring you some idea of the repairs needed or the plumbing problem you’re working with. However, this is not enough. Plumbers are licensed professionals with the experience needed to address a variety of plumbing issues. Let a plumber handle your plumbing, and be reassured they know exactly what they’re doing.


When it comes to your plumbing, you’ll want to work with an expert plumber to ensure all problems are addressed and solved with efficient solutions. DIYing a plumbing solution on your own is not worth it, as you may end up causing further damage to your plumbing, or even hurting yourself! Looking for a plumber in Monrovia or a plumber in Los Angeles? Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has got you covered with the right plumbing help!


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