Food, it’s one of the factors that can make or break an event. Whether you have a wide assortment of snacks and appetizers, a full course meal, and whatever else, your guests enjoy browsing through the selection of treats available at your event. Food safety is extremely important in any event, to prevent contamination and other consequences onto you and your guests. Oftentimes, food safety is left in the backburner for events. Here are some tips on food safety for your next big event.


Have a Secure Food Location

Whether your caterer or food spot has it’s own tent, make sure that it is in a neat designated space. Preferably with no dirt floors or susceptibility to a lot of floating dust. If you have a tent, some sidewall installations would be perfect to keep any particles from floating in and landing on the food.


Sanitation Station

If you are working with a caterer for a large event, they should be taking a variety of sanitary precautions when it comes to food handling for your guests. A little sanitation station, whether it consists of a hand washing station, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer dispensers, and a spot to replenish hair nets and gloves is essential.


Use the Right Utensils and Coverage

If your food is laid out for guests to help themselves, it’s important to have as many tongs, spoons, spatulas, etc., to make sure no guest has to touch food themselves. When guests  are done serving themselves, make sure to cover the food so no bugs or dirt can get in!


Have Food Prepped, Cleaned, and Stored

If you are preparing the event’s food yourself, whether for a birthday party, get-together, and so on, it’s important to make sure all produce is as clean as can be. If you are cooking the night before your event, make sure to store these perishable foods overnight to not risk bacteria growth: animal products (meat,eggs,dairy), cooked vegetables, cut leafy greens, custards and creams, and sliced melons and tomatoes.


Go for Simple Solutions

If you’re not interested in the stress that comes with cooking or handling food yourself, get a food truck or takeaway! A caterer can also work. All three of these options already have food prepared and will usually have the necessary napkins, utensils, and boxes to keep the food in for your guests to just mingle and serve themselves.


Food handling and safety can be something we forget about during a big outdoor event. Making sure food is handled in a clean and neat area, cooked properly, and served with proper utensils are the main factors that make sure food handling runs smoothly. You could always cater or go for takeaway to not stress as much either. If you are searching for perfect tent rentals in Santa Monica to designate your food area, Town & Country Event Rentals will supply the perfect one. With food handling out of the way, you can enjoy your next big event to the maximum!



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