Have you noticed some water puddled up in your yard in the middle of a sunny day? Have you recently been receiving a ridiculously higher water bill than usual? Both of these signs indicate that you have an underground water leak. The problem with underground water leaks is that they can go on for a long time without you detecting them. They are typically caught as the condition worsens or some damage is caused to your property.


To help you save unnecessary costs, we have narrowed down the steps for you to find a water leak underground. Let’s discuss!


What Is an Underground Water Leak?


Also known as a slab leak, an underground water leak typically originates from the water pipes situated under your home or building. Underground water leaks are difficult to detect and can go unnoticed for days. However, if you notice a higher water bill than usual, it’s better to check for an underground water leak before things get out of hand.


Common Causes of Underground Water Leaks


Underground water leaks can happen at any time of the year. Some common causes of an underground water leak include:


  • Underground chemicals cause the water pipes to rot.
  • Natural disasters, such as earthquakes that cause the pipes to move and crack.
  • Poor pipe installation of underground pipes, which causes the pipes to break down prematurely.
  • Normal wear and tear from aging causes deterioration.
  • Blockages or other damage


How Can I Detect an Underground Water Leak?


If you want to be proactive with your underground water leaks, you can take the following steps to watch for signs of a problem:


1.    Check Your Water Meter


Since your water meter controls the water flow to your house, turn off the water connection to your home and then watch the meter. If the meter starts moving or makes any significant changes even though it’s off, then this means that you have a water leak somewhere on your property.


2.    Monitor Your Water Usage


One of the easiest ways to detect a water leak underground is to figure out how much your typical usage is and identify the ideal usage. If you have a family of 4 or 5 people and your water usage is around 12000 gallons, there is likely a leak somewhere.


3.    Keep Track of Your Water Bill


If your water bill is rising and your water usage hasn’t increased, this can indicate a leak. Before it is too late, ask a plumber to thoroughly inspect all pipes and check for an underground leak before more significant damage occurs.


Do I Need a Professional Plumber to Check for an Underground Water Leak?


Other than the signs mentioned above, many different signs can help you detect a water leak underground. Keep your eyes open to watch for extremely wet soil in your yard, decreased water pressure, and rust or dirt in the water supply. After going through all the checks yourself, call a professional plumber to provide the peace of mind you deserve.


Contact a Reliable Plumber to Schedule an Appointment for Your Plumbing Needs


If you need help from a professional to inspect your property for leaks, contact an Adelanto plumber to schedule an appointment.


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