Cleaning your oven can be tedious, but if you use tips or certain routines to clean it, you’ll find your appliance sparkling clean and ready to be used for a while! There’s really no science behind cleaning your oven, but there are hacks that make cleaning it a whole lot easier. Here are some useful tips to successfully clean your oven:


          When to Clean Your Oven

Knowing when to clean your oven is essential. The three signs you can use to identify when it’s time to clean an oven are general appearance, odor, and the presence of smoke. If you notice your oven is grimy or covered in crust, has an unpleasant smell (usually due to lingering grease or food), and there is a presence of smoke when you fire it up, it’s time for a cleaning!


          Self-Cleaning: Does it work?

Many ovens may offer a self-cleaning feature, which makes the oven lock up and go to high temperatures to melt grease and grime. However, this is a feature meant for an oven that is not so dirty. If it’s been a minute since you last cleaned your oven and there is a lot of old food and grease buildup, it is more efficient (and a lot safer!) to clean your oven yourself.


          Best Oven Cleaner Hack

Besides the usual oven cleaner sprays you can buy at the store, many use the simple hack of baking soda and water. Half a cup of baking soda combined with water can create a paste to spread at the bottom of the oven, where all the grime and residue is built up. Use rubber gloves to spread this concoction around efficiently and without touching the heating elements of the oven. You can also use this paste to clean your oven glass and leave it as good as new! Voila!


          Cleaning Oven Racks

The oven racks can be the most difficult part of the oven to clean, only because of their position and the extensive buildup. Expert appliance cleaners recommend removing the racks from the oven altogether and soaking them in boiling water and a little dishwasher. You can use your sink or even your bathtub to make sure the racks soak thoroughly. A baking soda, water, and vinegar mixture is also a great natural way if you don’t want to use soap. The key is leaving the oven racks to soak for enough time to make sure removing grime and other food waste is easier.


Cleaning your oven shouldn’t take hours. It’s really about noting how much you use your oven, how long it’s been since the last cleaning, and finding out hacks to make your job way easier. A clean oven is a happy oven, and you’ll see this in the taste of the foods you prepare with your oven after a good cleaning. Even a clean oven isn’t safe from repairs, so if you are looking for appliance repair in Menifee, Kwik Appliance Repair has got your back. Now, let’s get cleaning!



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