The purpose of a pawn shop is to pawn or sell your valuables when you need cash fast. When done right, you’ll get some good money for your belongings. Believe it or not, many pawn shops can purchase or provide a loan on your firearms. If you are a gun owner who has many guns lying around, you should undoubtedly consider getting some cash for them from the local pawn shop. However, there are some selling standards you need to know so you can be more professional while selling your gun and get the best rates for your firearms.


Everything You Need to Know About Selling Firearms to a Pawn Shop


Here are some things to keep in mind:


Types of Guns You Can Sell


You can sell many types of guns to a pawn shop if it is legal to do so in your state. However, there are some general categories of guns most people sell at a pawnshop:

  • Hunting rifles
  • Target rifles
  • Bolt action, lever action, or automatic firearms
  • Centerfire or rimfire
  • Shotguns
  • Handguns

You can also sell airsoft and bb-guns to your local pawn shop.


Know Your Firearm


If you’re planning to sell your gun to a pawnbroker, you should remember that this is a bit of a sensitive sale. So, the pawn shop owners require a great deal of information about the gun. First, you need to know all the general information about the weapon. You need to know about its brand, characteristics, extra attachments, etc. Make sure to have available details of the gun you’re planning to sell. If you don’t know much about it, do a little research before bringing it down to the shop.


Review the Law


You need to keep in mind some standards before you rush into a pawn shop to sell your gun. You need to research what the pawn shop requires of you and what the local law is regarding purchasing and selling firearms. Pawnbrokers typically need a federal firearms license. You’ll also need to provide other necessary documents that prove your ownership of a gun and ensure that it is not stolen.


Do a little research and find out if the gun you own has a proper license or not. Pawn shop owners will surely ask for proof before doing a transaction. The firearm you’re selling must be fully licensed and registered, or else it is against the law for them to buy it.


Safety Measures

When you take a gun to a pawnshop, make sure that you take all safety precautions before bringing it to the shop. Call ahead to ensure your specific pawn shop accepts firearms and doesn’t have any particular requirements to follow. Make sure that the gun is unloaded, as this can potentially be very dangerous. Always carry a license for your firearm when you’re going to sell it, so if you’re ever pulled over on your way, you’re covered by the law.


Check Out Your Local Pawn Shop for Great Deals


If you’re looking for a great place to purchase items at low costs or to get some fast cash for your belongings, contact your local Apple Valley pawn shop for help!


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