On the highway, it is no surprise to see large trucks making their usual long journey. These trucks are very big and often have many warning signs about their wide turns and frequent brakes. However, it is no surprise that these trucks can still become involved in a variety of accidents. Because these trailer trucks are much larger, if they are involved in accidents with smaller passenger cars, these small cars always end up paying a bigger price. Have you recently been in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault? What can you do after a truck accident where the truck driver was liable? It’s important to identify the accident and seek a personal injury attorney quickly. Here are a few common types of truck accidents:


  • Head-On and Rear-End Collisions- Head-on accidents occur when a large truck collides into another smaller vehicle head-on. While the rear-end collisions result in the large truck rolling over the rear of the smaller car. In both instances, the passengers of the smaller car face much graver danger.


  • Jackknife Accidents- One of the most common and dangerous accidents involving large trucks, this accident occurs when a large truck traveling at high speeds has to brake suddenly without slowing down. This causes the truck to fold at a 90-degree angle and sweep away everything in its path. Jackknife accidents happen on highways most often.


  • Roll-over Accidents- When a truck driver loses control, the trailer part of the truck can roll over, causing a massive spill of cargo. This can instantly create a hazardous row of obstacles for incoming cars.


  • Tire-Blowouts- Tires can blow out for any vehicle, but large trailer trucks are especially vulnerable to a tire-blowout happening out of the blue. A tire blowout can cause a large truck to lose control, hit other vehicles, and create lots of damage.


  • Underride Accidents- These accidents occur when trucks have to stop suddenly and the vehicle behind them does not stop in time and gets stuck under the tractor-trailer. The top of the smaller vehicle may get ripped off.


  • T-Bone Accidents- These accidents occur when a truck hits another vehicle perpendicularly. Because of the size of the large truck, often the smaller vehicle will be smashed in and injuries will be extremely severe for the other driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle.

We expect many truck drivers to take precautions while on the road, especially considering the size of their vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and truck accidents are pretty common, whether they occur on the street or the highway. Truck accidents can happen suddenly and with grave consequences. Because of their size, many large trucks don’t suffer as much damage as their smaller counterparts in accidents. If you were in a truck accident caused by the truck driver and received significant injury, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. If you are looking for a dependable personal injury attorney in Ontario, reach out to Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel.







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