Tire rotation is an essential component of a practical vehicle maintenance plan. It is recommended that you rotate tires as suggested by your vehicle’s manual or every 5,000 miles. Many people pair up tire rotation services with their routine oil changes for time efficiency. During your tire rotation, it’s always a great idea to check your tire pressure, treads, and the rest of your tire for any problem or damages.


Tires are typically rotated in one of two ways: front to back or side to side. Either way, tire rotation ensures the safety of the driver, passengers, and everyone on the road. Let’s look at some additional benefits of tire rotation.


5 Benefits of Tire Rotation


Tire rotation benefits include the following:


1.   Ensure a Safe and Smooth Ride


Tire rotations allow the even wear of your tires. Since the two front tires typically wear differently than the back two, rotating your tires regularly ensures an equal proportion of force on your rear tires. If some of your tires are more worn than others, you will undoubtedly experience a bumpy ride. A vehicle with uneven tires can also be more susceptible to car accidents. That’s why rotating your tires can be incredibly beneficial. It ensures a smooth ride and enables the operator to navigate the vehicle better and drive smoothly and safely on the road.


2.   Extends the Life of Your Tires


Another advantage of tire rotation is that it extends the life of your tires. As mentioned, when you reposition your tires, you ensure even wear and tear. Taking care of your tires in this way extends the life of your investment. Additionally, when you switch your tires, you encounter additional damage or issues that can be dealt with early on to avoid tire replacement.


3.   Good Vehicle Handling


Tire rotation not only assures safety and extends the life of your investment, but it also assures that all four tires work together simultaneously. Good vehicle handling also positively impacts your car. You won’t have to worry about other issues with your vehicle that can easily be caused by your tires being out of line.


4.   Avoid Tread Cupping


Uneven wear of tires is a common cause of tread cupping. Tread cupping occurs when your tires are unevenly worn and create a bouncing motion as your vehicle drives down the road. Cupping reduces tire traction, which can be particularly alarming because it can cause accidents and threaten your safety. Furthermore, cupping creates significant noise and vibration in your vehicle, making your drive uncomfortable. These vibrations are often felt in the steering wheel, but cupped tires also increase the noise on the road.


5.   Save Money


Finally, rotating your tires saves you a significant amount of money in the long run. Since it extends the life of your tires and helps keep you safe on the road, you’ll avoid unnecessary tire replacement costs and costs from accident damage. New tires can be incredibly expensive, so it’s always a good idea to take extra steps to care for the ones you have.


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