Tent rental options

You’ve probably heard of Frame tents, Clear tents, Sperry tents, and Stage or Clear and Stage tents. But do you know what each of these options means? In this article, we’ll go over some of the most important considerations when choosing your tent rental. You’ll also learn which features to look for in each type, so you can make the best decision for your event. Hopefully, you’ll find the information useful.

Frame tents

Frame tent rental options vary widely. You can choose from sizes ranging from 10′ x 20′ to 30′ x 90′. Your guest capacity can vary greatly depending on your layout. A good choice is to place banquet tables end-to-end. Alternatively, you can create a standing room layout to accommodate most guests. Frame tent rentals are available near you in most metropolitan areas. Frame tent rentals are also available in many smaller towns and cities across the United States.

While frame tent rental options range from inexpensive to expensive, you should consider your budget and the conditions of your location before deciding on a type. Check if the area is flat and free of underground utilities before renting. If you plan to stake the tent to the ground, make sure to include additional weights for each sidepole. Also, check the length, width, and height clearance before renting the tent. You should be able to set it up within two hours, or even more if you have a good location.

Stage tents

When choosing a stage tent rental, consider how the space will be used. How many people will be in attendance? Is there enough space for guests to stand comfortably? Do you have a specific floor plan? You’ll want to share this with the company you’re working with. Also, consider how the tent will be set up. Will it fit the number of guests and the number of rental items? If the latter is the case, you may want to consider renting a bigger tent.

A DIY option is another option. This type of tent is simple to set up and comes with instructions. Some tent rentals also include installation. DIY tents are the easiest to install but may not work for every event. When hiring a stage tent rental company, make sure you communicate your vision with the company so that you can achieve your desired outcome. This way, your vision will be clear even if the logistical aspects are tricky. In addition, a DIY option is less expensive than a full-service option.

Clear tents

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding or outdoor event, a clear tent might be the perfect choice. These tents feature a clear top to allow for natural light to filter through and provide a luxurious, open-air feel. They are the perfect solution for outdoor weddings and events, and they can fit between 270 and 340 guests. The perfect size for any outdoor event, clear top tents can accommodate between 200 and 300 guests.

For an intimate event, an inexpensive Clear Top tent can create a greenhouse effect, keeping the interior 20 degrees warmer than the surrounding air. On cool days, the effect is very welcome. A tent with a clear top can be dressed up with draping fabric and other decorations. Using these items and varying the lighting can make your event a success. While choosing a Clear Top tent rental, don’t forget to ask your rental company about available lighting options.

Sperry tents

A Sperry Tent is an enduring piece of fabric art, with handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues. Its graceful silhouette and signature flags on the peak instantly make it recognizable. The elegant look and feel of Sperry Tents is sought after by the world’s foremost event planners. For a timeless, elegant look that suits any event, consider renting a Sperry Tent.

Choose a tent that’s ideal for your event size and theme. Sperry Tent rentals in San Francisco options include those with air conditioning and heating, clear canvas walls, and even a covered walkway. You can even find a Sperry tent that matches your wedding decor. With so many choices, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. There are many great reasons to rent a Sperry tent. Whether you need a tent for a wedding or a community event, you’ll be glad you chose one.


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