The starting lineups for Washington Redskins are mostly set. So that makes us wonder if the Redskins have learned something, and if they have decided everything that it is left รับแทงบอลออนไลน์

to decide. On the surface, four winless preseason games didn’t seem to help much. So maybe in this article I can review what the Washington Redskins have learned and not what they have left to do…not being negative.

Cornelius Griffin makes everyone around him a better player; he is their MVP on the defense. The belief that goes around about the best teams being strong up in the middle is true, and in the Redskins case it is all about Griffin, he draws double teams, which makes it easier for tackle Joe Salave and middle linebacker Lemar Marshall to make the plays inside.

The Redskins couldn’t afford much, they could only hope to choose an undiscovered star, a diamond in the rough, and it appears as if Rocky McIntosh is it for them, a second-round outside linebacker coming from Miami. He can play the off-blockers and he can get the ball as well as anyone.

Their depth at offensive line is suspect. Anyone who watched Jason Campbell go down four times in one quarter against the Ravens and scramble out of danger another three or four times understands that the Redskins can ill afford an injury to any of their starting five. The fact that Jim Molinaro made the team despite missing almost all of preseason with a knee injury is still making me figure where the ice is thinnest.

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