The nose on your face is a prominent feature, and the presence of specific characteristics will make it even more noticeable. The result can either be good or bad. Now, if you have a nose with a large and round tip, this is known as a bulbous nose. It is here that rhinoplasty will help you refine its tip so that harmony with the face is created and the nose is reshaped positively.

Bulbous nose jobs with the right specialist

Bulbous nose jobs are very common, and they can safely be done with the right specialist. Now, the next question that might occur to you is what the cause of a bulbous tip is? Experts in the field state genetics are the key reason behind a bulbous tip; however, some people might develop a rounded nose tip later in life. Men generally have a bulbous tip over women, and its key causes could be-

  1. The cartilage that has been defined poorly
  2. The strength of the cartilage is weak.
  3. The coverage over the soft tissue is heavy.
  4. The nasal skin is thick and
  5. Other causes could be lifestyle practices and specific medical conditions.

How will a rhinoplasty help you?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that will involve reshaping your nose. If you have a bulbous tip, you can benefit from this procedure. It is safe and helps you to get a nasal tip that is more attractive.

There are several techniques that skilled specialists use when it comes to the rhinoplasty procedure for a bulbous tip. They are as follows-

  1. Removal of cartilage and reshaping- The cartilage from the tip of the nose is removed while the remaining portion is reshaped. This reshaping makes the roundness and the size of the nose smaller.


  1. A sharper nose tip with suturing- Here, specialized suturing techniques are used for making the tip of the nose sharper. The procedure should be done very carefully so that you get a natural-looking result.

At the same time, in addition to the above, some small tweaks can be made to the nose tip with an open or closed rhinoplasty. If you want a better refinement to your nose, your surgeon will recommend an open rhinoplasty. The open rhinoplasty gives the surgeon better access for the removal of cartilage and shaping of the nose tip.  Both of these procedures have been briefly described below-

  1. Closed rhinoplasty- This type of rhinoplasty has all the incisions inside the nostrils. It leaves the patient with no visible scars.


  1. Open rhinoplasty- The open rhinoplasty gives the surgeon better visibility as a single incision is made on the columella; this is the strip tissue that divides both of your nostrils. Extra incisions are generally made inside of your nostrils. There is a small incision that is made on your nose’s skin. However, this mark will fade with the passage of time when the area is healed. Most people will not be able to see this scar.

When it comes to bulbous nose jobs, ensure you trust a skilled and experienced specialist for the procedure. The results should be natural looking so that you feel satisfied with your nose and the way it enhances your appearance.




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