As a sales and marketing professional with many years in the trucking industry, I have witnessed professional truckers who have spent many years in good paying CDL truck driver jobs. Only to watch them stretch to maintain a continuous and effective job search. Primarily, these pour souls are always searching for the world’s best truck driving jobs.In this article, we will share a limited number priceless job search secrets and strategies. If implemented correctly, you will put yourself in a position to land your dream truck driving job and negotiate the best possible compensation plan for you and your family at the same time Before we begin, keep in mind that the probability of these priceless job search techniques ever being uttered from the mouths of trucking company hiring managers or truck driver job recruiters are slim at best. Why? The primary function of a trucking company hiring manager is to staff its local truck driving jobs at the lowest possible cost to it’s bottom line and to maximize its profits.The primary goal of a truck driver job recruiter is to collect commissions for getting you hired on to one of his clients. Their concern for your compensation package is not on the top of their priority list.All too often a trucker will leave behind a good CDL truck driving job at a company with a solid business model and a good record of taking care of their drivers. Only to realize that they could have avoided making an incredibly bad career move, had they only thought it through more carefully. If there is one common mistake that I have seen dedicated, hard working truck drivers make through the years, it is poor career decisions. view more

Hopefully our top 5 secrets to a successful truck driving job search will help you avoid a poor career move in the near future. They include: The key to a successful truck driving job search is to plan your work and work your plan. The first step in any considerable life changing move is to be realistic with your expectations and create a list of objectives and strategies to achieve your short and long term goals.Many professionals in search of the best truck driving jobs fail to set realistic job search career goals. If you were an Olympic archery expert would you not agree with me that you would be highly focused on your target during your event. Of course you would. Setting career goal strategy has two major benefits. First, it helps you develop laser focus in establishing career priorities. Second, it will dramatically improve your self esteem for this highly stressful process.

2. Prepare a list of short and long term career goals. Before you start your career search process, spend some serious time laying out on paper 1,3 and 5 year goals. Is you long term goal to become and independent owner operator, or are you more likely to work for a trucking company? There are positives and negatives with each opportunity. Most employers consider an employment package to include approximately 70% salary and 30% benefits. This may be more suited for someone with a young family with a wife who has decided stay at home with the children. Whereas and owner operator may make more money, they usually have to acquire benefits on their own which can be an enormous expense.Bottom line: As an employee of a trucking company, you’re more likely to be offered a compensation package that includes salary and a benefits package. Inadequate pre-employment research is the primary reason why professional truck drivers is unhappy 1-2 years following a job change from one company to another. The last thing you or your family wants to do is to accept a new truck driver job position by hastily jumping to a company that offers you $.50 more per hour or $.05 more a mile. Far too many times good truck drivers make a quick move from an established company that has treated you well to a company that offered you the sky for a small, short term economic gain. This can ruin your mine emotionally and inflict real havoc on your family.


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