Nothing brought a smirk to my clients’ faces quicker than the statement that I valued my medical doctor. It wasn’t that people don’t actually value their medical doctor-it was more that I valued my medical doctor.People automatically assume that Naturopathic Doctors and Homeopaths do not like medical doctors or medical care. Most of the time, when one discusses natural medicines or care they are called “Alternative” meaning something to be used in place of medical care and medical drugs – i.e. medical doctors.

I doubted that I am so different from my colleagues in how I work with others. But over the years, I guess I have discovered that I differ in my view of medical care. Perhaps it has something to do with my initial college education being in nursing, and my subsequent work as a nurse upon graduation. I learned the value of medical care and medical drugs. And, oddly enough, it was Dr. Suzanne Barnes, my family practitioner, who helped me appreciate the world of medicine, especially when I was ill or in a rough spot.Sure, there were times when my doctor and I disagreed on my future where my health was concerned; but I always valued her opinion. When I started becoming interested in natural health, Dr. Barnes told me to research the herb before using it-she didn’t discourage me or give me a hard time about it. By that time, she had learned that I was intelligent and that I valued her opinion on health-related matters.And whenever I was “stuck” in my healing, or listened to bad advice from another practitioner, I always knew Dr. Barnes would help straighten things out where my health was concerned. She listened and she offered suggestions. There had been no “my way or the highway.”I even referred a few of my clients to her when they either didn’t have a medical doctor or didn’t like theirs. Dr. Barnes became one of my colleagues-and she was valued even though she was a medical doctor.After not needing her care for nearly a year, I returned to her with a flare-up of asthma that was not able to be controlled with what I knew-I then knew it was time for medical care.We talked, as usual, about life. I received medical care, and then learned that she was retiring in a couple of weeks!It is strange when one thinks about it. For some reason, I guess since I was still in practice I assumed she would be too. She was older than I was; I knew that, as when I had first met her when I had moved to Green Bay about 20 years ago. Still, I guess I hadn’t thought about her retiring-I always felt she would be there for me. dr. jitendra swarup

Finding a New Doctor

Don’t just open the phone book and pick a name randomly. If your medical insurance covers a certain group of practitioners, it would narrow things down; but you are still, in essence, taking a shot in the dark. Therefore, the best thing would be to research the physician.So, FIRST THING to do is to decide what you want in a doctor. Do you want someone who listens to you? Respects you? Will not be pushy? Will be pushy? Write down the characteristics you really liked about your current or former doctor. Decide which of those characteristics you’d really like to have in your next physician.NEXT, talk to friends and co-workers and see who they like or don’t like. Check “Angie’s List” on the internet-a place where people can comment about their doctor, dentist, etc. (Doctors don’t like Angie’s List because people can say what they want to say.After Dr. Barnes retired, I set about finding a new doctor. Having been through that before when I had first moved to Green Bay, I knew some of the “hazards” of looking for another doctor, especially if you really liked the one you had. I still met with 2 other doctors before I had found Dr. Barnes!


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