Every man looks forward to the day when he will be finally able to buy his first used car. Months, or sometimes even years, of saving money just to finally be able to free oneself from the dependence on the public transport or on family and friends. As the money is piling up, he often thinks about what make and model he would like to have, what should be the color of the body, calculates how much the gas and insurance is going to cost him, or where is he going to park it. Unfortunately, sometimes this anticipation is not followed by happiness but disappointment, as there are many unfair car owners that come to any lengths to get more cash for cars. Cash For Cars Sydney

They know a lot of tricks that were designed to convince potential buyers that the car they are selling, even if it is a total clunker, is the one that these customers need. The result is that all the time and sacrifice to gather the required sum of money are wasted and they are left with an old money sponge that causes more trouble than it is worth it. Here are the rules you should follow to save yourself a lot of trouble.

First of all, as in real life, never judge the book by its cover. The fact that a car looks nice and shiny does not mean it works just as good as it looks. Obviously, everyone wants to have a beautiful car that will catch the eyes of passers-by, but if it does not work properly, it may serve only as a decorative element outside a house. Moreover, many unfair sellers try to hide corroded body part under a thick layer of paint so you need to be extra careful as rusty parts may cost you an arm and a leg later in the future. Various scratches and other imperfections may be hidden that way so make sure you take some time to look closely at the vehicle.

Another thing unfair sellers do to get more cash for cars they are selling is they simply lie. They will hide the fact that the clutch is constantly jamming or that the break is not sensitive enough and with a straight face they will tel you that this “old beauty” runs perfectly. Do not believe in such glossy words and ask for a test drive. Of course, do not say that you want to test the car because you do not believe them, that would probably offend every honest car owner and make your price negotiations a lot harder. Say that you want to see whether you will be able to adopt to this particular car, for example. During a test drive together with an owner you can verify his every word and easily decide on whether you want to make a deal or not.


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