Maintaining personal is of great importance, especially for yourself. While wearing underwear seems like an essential, wearing a pair of clean underwear is even more essential. Hopefully, this is something that all of us are aware of, there are times when it crosses our mind to compromise on this factor, perhaps due to busy schedules or even laziness on our part. If that is really the case, try not to compromise on this part. Putting on a fresh, clean pair of underwear every single day should be just as essential as eating, brushing your teeth and showering. Considering how wearing a pair of clean underwear is constantly highlighted, it is natural to have a difference in thinking as to what really constitutes clean or fresh.

How to Wash Underwear?
Since undergarments get dirty relatively quicker, one needs to ensure that the washing of underwear happens on a regular basis. There is the option of washing undergarments in the washer. However, for delicates, it is advised to wash them through hand wash. This ensures proper cleaning of the underwear without damaging or shrinking it in any way.

How to wash underwear to kill bacteria?
It is essential to ensure that your underwear is washed on a regular basis. This is mainly to clean your underwear which might consist of dirt, urine, faeces, discharge, etc, which might further breed bacteria, fungi and yeast. Thus, to ensure that your underwear is washed in a manner to get rid of the bacteria, make sure that you wash it in warm water. Washing undergarments in warm water, preferably higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, ensures that most of the bacteria is killed. In addition to your normal washing detergent, also add high quality detergent which further helps in getting rid of the bacteria. There are antibacterial sprays that are also available which further help in getting rid of possible bacteria. This can be used before washing your undergarments with high quality detergent. Ironing your undergarments after washing them and drying them results in the undergarments getting sterilised further.

Can I wash underwear in the washing machine?
There are several methods of washing your underwear, one of them is to wash your underwear in the washing machine. While this is a possible method, it is advised not to, simply because this might not be the most hygienic method of washing. Your underwear might be home to several kinds of bacteria. Thus, mixing it with other clothes in the washing machine isn’t really a good idea and might probably be an even worse wash your underwear idea if you have kids or older people in the house. There are other downsides to this method as well, for instance, washing your undergarments with hot water is one of the best sterilising options which can’t really be done properly with the washing machine. If you do opt for washing your underwear in the washing machine, you would have to ensure that your washing machine is cleaned quite often.

Is it ok to wash underwear with regular clothes?
Preferably, washing your underwear separately than with your regular clothes is needed. This is because washing your undergarments with your regular clothes is one of the main reasons for spreading unwanted infections around the house. Washing them separately is more hygienic and prevents damaging your underwear as well.

Thus, in conclusion, it is safe to say that changing into a clean pair of underwear at least once a day is extremely essential. Also, doing it in the right manner and ensuring that any kind of bacteria is gotten rid of helps in maintaining the required personal hygiene and ensuring that you are free of any kind of infections.