Makeup can give an instant boost to your appearance and sense of confidence. Those radiant
cheeks, glistening eyes and plumped up lips are an expression of self-love in their own right.
More than impressing others and making heads turn, it’s about creating a version of yourself that
you truly love. There is an exotic range of face makeup products out there to help you inch
closer to that aspired perfection. If you’re a novice or an amateur, figuring out which products to
use and how can be intimidating. Well, we’ve got you covered on that front with this guide on
how to achieve a glamorous look all by yourself at home:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Makeup

Does foundation come first or concealer? Do I need a primer? How to blend two different shades
of eyeshadow? Do questions like these leave you confused? This step-by-step guide to applying
makeup will help you come up with an ideal regimen of your own:

Step 1. Start with a Moisturizer

It doesn’t matter what skin type you have, a good dose of hydration is a must before getting
started on your makeup routine. To prep your skin the right way, start by cleansing and toning
the skin, then moisturize it.

Step 2. Primer

To give your skin a flawless finish and make the makeup stay intact longer, you need to use a
primer before any other cosmetic products. It is effective in creating a smooth base to build the
different layers of makeup on.

Step 3. Concealer

Concealer is designed to cover skin imperfections such as dark circles, spots, lines, blemishes.
Ideally, you should use a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone for best results.
Apply it to the desired area – under the eye or acne marks and so on – blend it in and let it rest for
a minute or two before you move on to the next step.

Step 4. Foundation

The next step is to apply foundation. You can choose a liquid, stick or powder foundation,
depending on your skin type. It’s also equally important to choose a foundation shade that
perfectly complements your skin. It should be neither too dark nor too light. Use a sponge or a
brush to blend it in. This step is important for creating a good makeup base.
Step 5. Bronzer + Blush
Bronzer and blush can be used separately or in combination to accentuate the cheekbones,
jawline, nose bridge, brow bones or the area above the Cupid’s bow for contouring. Where you
must apply it depends on your face type. The rule of the thumb to get it right is: less is more.

Step 6. Face Highlighter

Your makeup regime is incomplete without a highlighter. It helps add that tinge of glow to the
face. Just take a drop of two and spread it out evenly on the areas who want to accentuate – like
cheekbones or clavicles. Pink and golden highlighters can be used to add a certain sharpness to
your features.

Step 7. Eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadows, you have a lot of room to play around. For a nude effect, you can
opt for a subtle golden or silver shimmer on the eyelids. For a more pronounced effect, you can
use darkers shades that complement the rest of your look or your ensemble. You can also go for
the smokey eye effect to add an element of drama to your look. From blending two or more
shades to using different ones on the lids and below the lash line, there are just so many ways to
make your eyeshadow sing.

Step 8. Eyeliner

Once your eyeshadow has set, accentuate the eyes with a stroke of liner along the upper lash line.
Most makeup brands offer eyeliners in different formulations and colours. Though black is the
most popular choice, you can totally experiment with other shades too. Likewise, you can choose
between liquid, pen or stick-based eyeliners, depending on your proficiency. Apply it thin or go
bold with a winged effect, as per your preference.
Step 9. Mascara
Mascara is used to highlight the eyelashes and make them more voluminous. The key is to keep
it minimal for the best effect. If you’re going for a smokey effect, a transparent mascara works
wonderfully to accentuate the lashes without making the look too loud.

Step 10. Lip Liner

Liner is applied on the borders of the lips to make them look more shapely and defined.
Step 11. Lipstick + Lip Gloss
You can pick out a lipstick shade that complements your ensemble with matte or satiny effect,
depending on whether your lips stay moist or tend to dry out. Then, add a stroke of clear or same
shade lip gloss for a glistening effect.

Step 12. Setting Powder or Spray

Once your makeup is done, use a setting powder or spray to make it last longer. This is the last
step of your makeup regimen.
Et, voila! You’re all set to dazzle!

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