The background of PartyGaming can be tracked back to 1997. This is when Ruth Parasol started to develop a network of online gaming sites that formed the iGlobalMedia group. These sites were successful and after sustained expansion the name of the group has been shifted to PartyGaming.

Throughout the first days of the business, some of their online games were tested by the well-respected casino statistician Michael Shackleford. Dependent on the outcome of the trial, he reasoned that the games weren’t fair android guide. The business acknowledged that the matches preferred the house too much but said that it was down to software mistakes rather than some deliberate manipulation. This was one of the main motivations behind them developing their own software rather than using a third party’s.


In 2001, the group launched its flagship website, PartyPoker, having recognized the substantial potential for internet poker. It was a significant success and quickly became one of the largest poker websites online. They entered numerous partnerships with different operators which allowed them to make”skins” of the PartyPoker software. This meant that players at numerous different sites all used the same applications and played the same tables, making one of the earliest internet poker networks.

The application itself was popular with gamers, and that it had been shared across a number of websites helped to grow the player pool. This meant there were games running throughout the night and day.

This in turn made the network more attractive to gamers. After prolonged success, PartyGaming started to move away in the skins model. They achieved this through a mix of acquisitions and settlement agreements.


A fresh piece of legislation was passed from the United States; the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). The US government was cracking down on online gambling and PartyGaming was one of a number of organizations that suffered.

More than three quarters of their earnings came from US players however, as a public company, they had to stop working with their customers. Share prices in PartyGaming fell dramatically, the amount of gamers in their poker games dropped off, and they clearly had to start focusing on other markets rather than the usa.

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