Some years of the German culture launched me many rituals, traditions and activities found common in this article. I think it is right time to share some of my personal observations. Since the basic legislation of the region stresses upon typically the “freedom of speech and human rights”, Germany is a country with one hundred % independent, total of colourful existence, and secure for that human rights.

Here are some facts which helped me encouraged to highlight,

– Independent existence: somehow stress free life from your political parties, clear of the particular terrorism, free of social and religious constraints. What I mean to convey is that will I am female and can individually live my Islamic life as I want – based to Islamic standards – that typically the step to check me personally.

– First impact is the previous impression: when We landed in Frankfurt and travelled to Bielefeld in the midst of the particular full-moon night, I was impressed by Νέα Γερμανία  simply the safe push and such a individual safety was the foremost thought to reside in Germany.

— Availability of the particular basic facilities a new human requires wherever he lives. Even in small villages in addition to medium cities using a population of 100, 000 people all the basic needs can be found. Electricity, telephone and link to the big cities furthermore attracted me.

– The traffic legislation which gave me a feeling to drive with high speeds. Within fact this is actually the next best “observable” within my view stage that I have seen in my lifestyle in Germany. Typically, youngsters begin to have got driving practices in addition to licenses when justin was seventeen. With price deserving and strong traveling tests which paves the significance in the traffic rules in their minds, the chances of accidents have been reduced within Germany…

– The opportunities for function and study identified here equally allocated to every individual being. Human privileges have been given “somehow” most top priority. A good modern picture can end up being seen in nearly all the metropolitan areas where Universities and/or advanced businesses are situated.

– An excellent consideration for the character, parks and the public entertainment areas and healthy activities can be noticed everywhere. Regular updating in the “Greenery” will be all over. Almost every medium scaled city has a well “Nature Park” maintained for bodily activities like exercising, tracking, or workout routines. Normally said inside German “Spazieren gehen” which means heading out for fun.

— A sophisticated and balanced education system: Right here I would really like to include my personal research briefly. The research from the early college till university is usually quite fringed along with patterns of existence. Compulsory subjects are chosen in a way that the particular future can be oriented and effectively achieved.

– Some flaws in German born Social System irritate me sometimes nevertheless each social system has it so it does not matter. A “Necessary Evil” which can not really be avoided will be complete freedom associated with expression. Well, at one side, that is encouraging because it provides you typically the freedom of conversation and asking your own right but on the other hands the parental value and family beliefs are seemingly dropped [ref. Bild newspaper 15th Mar 2007). Anyway, it can my personal analysis better not in order to write now (will be in approaching articles). In handful of lines one may conclude that presently there should be a little “guidance in addition to guarding” policies, for example, police in order to control the targeted traffic violations; similarly right now there ought to end up being some hints regarding depiction to a properly shaped personality. Regarding example, the setup of a ban on smoking inside office, and general public get-together is a good encouraging step in Western european Union etc.