What are psychedelic drugs?

Drugs may be of many types. Some of them may be used for medical purposes, while some for other purposes. Nowadays, a broad range of psychedelic drugs is present at the counter.

You may be hearing the name for the first time. The purpose of these drugs is to alter the sense of perception. Though one is aware of his sensory perceptions but has no control over whatever is happening.

Are Psychedelic Drugs Good As A Medicine?

In the past years, psychedelic medicines were only for feeling distinct and euphoric. But as with the passing time, it has been found that this trend is changing, and soon psychedelic drugs were in use by clinicians and healthcare patients.

Many kinds of research can conclude that to determine whether these psychedelic drugs have a good effect on health and mental health. Some of the studies have been successful in treating mental conditions through the use of psychedelic drugs. Moreover, in the UK, psychiatrists can term psychedelic drugs as more effective than anti-depressants.

Controversies Regarding Psychedelic Drugs As Anti-depressants

With more than 1000 studies, psychedelic drugs were a better option in contrast to anti-depressants. But soon, these drugs became a controversy all over the world.

As they were used mainly by the hippies and musical pop artists, so they were targeted towards cultural and moral wickedness. The scientific part regarding the drugs was vanishing somewhere in the dark. No one was going to accept psychedelic drugs as a part of mental health care.

Psychedelic Drugs As A New Anti-depressant

Dr. Carhart Harris was the first scientist who tested psychedelic drugs for treating mental issues. He concluded that psychedelic drugs have this calming effect on the brain. Moreover, he also found that these drugs can cure people with severe depression.

According to him, psychedelic drugs affect the brain’s two areas: the amygdala and the default-mode network. These two parts work together in contribution to provide the effect required. According to Dr. Carhart-Harris, these drugs heats an individual’s brain from its stiffness and compels an individual to oppress the thinking of self-destructive patterns.

Are Psychedelic Drugs Alone Effective?

Additionally, psychedelic drugs may not be effective if it is consumed alone. Apart from taking drugs, make sure that you are also having psychotherapies side by side. According to research, clients treated with psychedelic drugs and psychotherapy combined showed the best results for curing severe depression.

Treating Mental Disorder With Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic drugs will help to treat anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorders up to a greater extent. Moreover, it can cure suicidal thoughts, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety as well.

Risks Of Psychedelic Drugs

As every medicine has a side effect, psychedelic drugs may have their downside in the same way. These drugs may not be of any harm such as but if you lose your control, then it will be an alarming situation.

Other possible risks may include; manifestation of psychiatric conditions, panic attacks leading towards harmful behavior, having perceptual distortions, and drug abuse may occur as well. Any person at risk of suicidal thoughts may elicit suicidal or self-harming behavior instead of controlling himself. Hence, causing harm to himself.


Whether drugs may be medical or psychedelic or any form, take suggestions from your health care practitioner of Canadian Pharmacy to use them. Psychedelic drugs are of no harm, but they can be harmful if one will perform a particular action while having no control over himself.

Though the scientific society has not yet accepted psychedelic drugs as an effective treatment for mental health issues, it depends on the individual. A cure for one person may not be favorable to another person. Thus, it all depends on the preferences and tolerance level of an individual.

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