Managed WordPress web hosting is a service that will hold your WordPress website for you online while other computers look at it. The way the web works is that it’s essentially lots of interconnected computers. Many of these computers are the computers of people’ surfing’ the web, but many others are the ‘servers’ that hold the information for you on their hard drives that build up the web content. If you build your website on WordPress and wish for a fully managed WordPress platform, then you need it to be on a WordPress hosting so that other computers can look it up and find your website. You need a domain name along with your web hosting, but if you don’t, you can get it independently and then direct it to the part of the server where your website files are held. When you type in that domain name into their browser, the server is called up, and it sends the files to their computer that makes it display your website.

Web hosting companies vary in many ways, so it’s important to read many web hosting reviews. Essentially using a managed web hosting is a bit like buying a computer, and it comes with the stat that affects your website’s performance. Reading web hosting reviews can ensure that you find a WordPress website with the 1TB bandwidth, 2TB storage space, and the best tech support, for instance.

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