Every household experiences one of the most infuriating plumbing problems at some point- sewer backups. If the problem is restricted to one sink, a tub, or a toilet, it can typically be taken care of by unclogging the drain. Still, if you have a sewage backup in your whole house, then it might be a severe issue. Severe sewer backups can cost as much as $2,000 to $6,00 in repairs.


So, before you get yourself in a situation where you need to pay these excessive rates for repairs, it’s essential to understand the common causes of sewer backup and some quick fixes to avoid blockage in the future.


3 Most Common Causes of Sewer Line Blockages


The most common causes of a blocked sewer line are:


Clogged Drains


Clogged pipes occur when something is blocking the flow of liquids in your pipes. You can often tell there’s a clogged drain when you flush the toilet and hear gurgling sounds. If the clog is substantial, raw sewage can roll back into the drain pipes and create a significant and costly mess. The clog can be caused by different reasons included:


  • Grease poured down the pipes.
  • Feminine hygiene products like makeup pads, wipes, brushes, cotton, etc.
  • Hair
  • Regular items like keys, toys, or other large objects
  • The buildup of dirt and debris


Tree Roots Grow into Your Pipes


Tree roots move in the direction of water and nutrients. That’s why it’s common that they’ll move into your pipes from the tiniest crack and take over. Once a tree root has penetrated your pipelines, it can cause substantial damage. Additionally, if your pipes are cracked, or porous roots of plants and trees exploit these surfaces, you’ll have an even bigger problem.


These damages are more likely to occur during dry seasons and droughts when roots chase the water in the deep ends of your property. You have to get the whole drain system changed by a professional, and the pipes repaired to fix these damages. Therefore, it is better to plant trees far away from your sewage system to avoid such a significant problem.


Damaged Pipes


Damaged pipes are a common and significant cause of sewer backup. Pipes can be damaged for many reasons. Including the reasons mentioned above, pipes can be damaged from normal wear and tear, deterioration, and poor installation.


Quick Fixes for Sewer Backup Issues


  • Use a plunger to pump the lines. It is the most reliable way to open the blockage and clear the drain.
  • Avoid throwing any items down your toilet that aren’t flushable. Your toilet is not a wastebasket and should only be used for toilet paper and human waste.
  • Use a natural drain cleaner to remove the clog. These concoctions are also helpful to get rid of grease and fats in the pipes.
  • Use root-killing foam to clear out damaging roots. Some people also use copper sulfate, but it may be harmful, and some communities even don’t allow it.
  • Stay on top of your routine maintenance. This is a proactive way for your local plumber or drain cleaning service to notice minor issues early on before they require significant repairs.
  • Water jet cleaning is an effective method to remove blockages that cause sewer backups.


Contact a Reliable Plumber for Your Drain Cleaning Needs


If you have an issue with clogged drains, it’s vital to contact a professional plumber immediately for help. Contact your local Pasadena drain cleaning service to schedule an appointment.


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