Urology is an important domain of medical science. It is broadly associated with the disorders and ailments of the male and female urinary tract. Cletus Georges MD mentions that urologists basically specialize in the treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the urinary system, including the bladder, kidney, ureter, urethra, and adrenal glands. Cletus himself had completed his residency in Urology at Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center in 1997. He started his practice in Sebring, Fl in August 1997 until December 1998. Subsequent to that, he relocated to Orlando, Florida, and worked with Mid Florida Urological Associates until 2014.

There are many situations where one may need the assistance of a urologist, right from mild conditions like urinary tract infections (UTI) to severe ailments like cancer. Cletus Georges MD mentions that in many cases, the primary doctor of the patient refers them to a urologist if their symptoms persist for long duration or do not improve. Being a qualified medical professional, Cletus is well acquainted with the instances in which it would be prudent for people to visit a urologist.

According to Cletus Georges MD, these instances include:

  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) that won’t go away: UTI is a common infection that affects several people across the world, primarily women. In case a person experiences burning, painful and frequent urination that refuses to go away even after having the prescribed antibiotics, it might be a sign that they are suffering from interstitial cystitis (IC), also known as a painful bladder. Urologists shall test the urine of the patient and might even examine their bladder to make the diagnosis. Interstitial cystitis can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Too much urination or leaking urine:  Urologists work with both men and women to manage to help them manage the symptoms associated with overactive bladder (OAB) and urinary incontinence. Such conditions can cause people a lot of inconvenience and awkwardness and hence should be treated properly at once. Typically, lifestyle modifications, medications, and surgical treatments are used to get the symptoms of OAB under control.
  • Indications of a kidney stone:  Kidney stones are marked by severe pain on one side of the lower back. Its other indications include stomach pain, blood in the urine, as well as urine that smells bad or looks cloudy. If a person experiences these symptoms, it is important that they visit a good urologist as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Pelvic pain: Pain in the pelvic region can be caused by several factors. This may include something simple like interstitial cystitis, prostate inflammation and prostate infection to even, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. A well-qualified and experienced urologist can help in effectively diagnosing the cause of the pain and subsequently provide the needed treatment.

Broadly speaking, the presence of blood in the urine, a  recurring need to urinate urgently, as well as burning sensation or pain during urination are the most common causes to contact a urologist.

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