Gold is one of the most precious metals, making for high value and often the most solicited option for investments. Due to its rarity, appeal, and the fact that its price does not stream like other investment options, Gold is the most popular choice for people trying to hold money to secure their future.

Most investors invest in gold coins because it saves on making charges and has high liquidity. Indians, are known to invest in gold in multiple ways, traditional Indian jewellery being the most popular option.

If you are a beginner looking for some ideas about investing in gold, read on!

Why should you consider investing in gold?

Gold can be a very useful way of diversifying your investment portfolio. It is a universal finite currency that is held by banks and can translate into an investment in the form of savings that can take care of your finances during rainy days. You should invest in gold because:

  • Gold has been the best store of value for over centuries. And it continues to be for the long-term. Moreover, the fact that it has high liquidity, makes it a worthy option for investing.
  • Gold holds value. It always has and continues to be rising over the years. Investing in gold, will only secure your money and grow over the years.
  • When inflation rates rise, the currency value drops. But gold isn’t a currency. It is an asset the value of which has doubled over the last five years, despite a rise in the inflation rates.
  • No specialized knowledge is needed for people to invest in gold. You can purchase gold from a jewellery store, banks, or even digitally to invest small savings and make it large over time.

What are the different ways of investing in Gold?

Traditionally, investments in gold were done by simply purchasing gold jewellery, coins, or blocks. But with the emergence of time, people now have the option to purchase different variants of physical as well as paper gold.

  • Digital Gold: One of the cost-effective and convenient ways of investing in gold today is to purchase digital gold. Your investments can start from as little as Rs. 10 and you can purchase 24K gold at the current trading prices right from your mobile app.
  • Gold Coins or Bars: Gold coins and bars continue to be a good investment option for people trying to purchase raw gold while saving on the making charges. Banks allow their customers to purchase gold coins and bars.
  • Gold jewellery: In India, people ideate the idea of investing by buying gold jewellery gifts for women. They make for the wedding trousseau, special gifts, souvenirs, etc that makes people buy something valuable that secures their future at the same time.
  • Gold Savings Scheme: Numerous jewelers in India allow their customers to sign up for the Gold Savings Scheme where they can deposit their money into the account and purchase gold jewellery upon maturity at the prevailing rates. It helps people save overtime and invest in gold.

Unlike other forms of gold investments, jewellery is one where you can touch, feel and hold your investment at all times. Investing in gold jewellery makes you embrace the beauty of jewellery, stay trendy and at the same time have something that secures your future. Instead of buying junk jewellery that serves as a style statement but holds no value in the future, gold jewellery is a worthy option.

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