Leana Dolci (aka Leana Dolce) is a French Youth Journalist who has dedicated her career to spreading information about healthy living, natural remedies and culture across the globe. She has lived in various countries around the globe and has covered many different cultures and lifestyles. Her articles are often published in online publications and she enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Leana enjoys writing about nutrition, celebrities, music, gardening, health, exercise and beautiful places.


Born in 73 in Barcelona, Leana Dolci is a French Youth Journalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. She is best known as the singer/songwriter of the well-known heavy metal band Iron Maiden. She began playing the guitar at a very early age and even went on to play piano and the violin when she was a teenager. In fact, she is today known as the frontwoman for the band iron maiden.


Leana Dolci is certainly not a celebrity by any means. Her style and personality do not scream “celebrity”. She does not wear expensive clothes or carry designer bags. She has an extremely busy lifestyle due to being a full-time French Youth Journalist and also spends a fair amount of time writing articles about her daily life and travels for her articles. Leana Dolci has always remained focused on informing her readers about fashion and has never allowed the spotlight to get to her face. Leana’s writing is so popular that she has written five books about her life, all of which have sold millions worldwide.


Leana Dolci is currently separated from her long time boyfriend and is living in Bakersfield, California with her dog and cats. She has never been married before and is still very much in love with her boyfriend, though they are both adults. She has always remained focused on being a net worth and career woman. Leana’s parents were divorced when she was young and she moved in with her grandmother after her grandmother encouraged her to move out and get an education. Leana dropped out of school at 16 but she was able to enroll in a writing degree that she completed in two years.


Leana Dolci loves fashion as much as she does glamour. She has made more than twelve thousand dollars online in the first two years since she was first hired by PR agencies and she is well on her way to becoming a world famous internet superfan and multi-millionaire. If you take a look at Leana Dolci’s website, you will find pictures of her mother as teenagers and you can also see Leana as she was in the arms of her current boyfriend, Roman. Roman Diclano is a 31-year-old IT professional who has made it to the very top of his field, operating his own firm. Leana and Roman date and have been together for six years now. Leana is extremely close to Roman’s parents and is living with them in Bakersfield.


If you like reading celebrity stories or enjoying an occasional concert or theatre event, then you will probably follow the career of Leana Dolci. She has made herself into an internet personality through Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages. If you would like to follow Leana’s career then there are several social media avenues that will help you do so. You could also buy her latest album on iTunes or buy the music which she has released on Instagram and twitter.

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