What is Webtoon? Webtoon is a a web-based cartoon, first popularized in Korea in 2007. Naver Webtoon is the hottest Webtoon platform in Korea. This year 2010, Naver Webtoon launched Line Webtoon, global Webtoon platform that depends on readers to translate Webtoons from around the globe.
무료웹툰 What do Webtoon`s precedents such as for example comics, manga, and manhwa have as a common factor? They are print-based cartoons formatted in grids, panels, and gutters.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
As McClound explains, the organization of panels decided the flow of order in print-based comics.

Whereas we flipped pages in cartoons to advance from one grid to the next,Webtoons, allow us to scroll through panels to advance the story.

Tower of God Episode 207
This is actually the first panel of Tower of God, one of the most popular Line Webtoons.

Tower of God Episode 207
A straightforward scroll-down will land you with the second panel.
Basically, there is no such thing as grid in Webtoons.
Besides increasing accessibility through an online platform, Webtoon has introduced new possibilities of reader interaction.
The transition from flipping through pages to scrolling down a monitor screen has given more freedom to readers when it comes to story tempo and flow. Lack of grid freed the genre of cartoon from the limitations of layout and gave authors more space to experiment with each panel.

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